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IBS Americas offers undergraduate, graduate and international executive programs


Did you know that at IBS Americas you can do an international degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Economics or International Relations and have a degree recognized in Brazil and abroad?

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International Executive

Professional extension courses lasting up to 3 weeks offered in partnership with universities in the United States, England and Italy.

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Lectures are given by professors and market experts from the US and Europe, who present new ideas and views on the business world. They are faculty members of our international programs.

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How to become a leader of a global organization?

The IBS Americas International Graduation programs are of the 4-year Bachelor's degree, authorized by the MEC, a diploma valid in Brazil, with extensive education for students and classes in English. In-person classes take place on the Paulista campus in São Paulo, on the Florida campus in Miami, and on the campuses of partner universities in California, New York, London and Italy.

Online classes, live and recorded, are taught by professors from all over the world, allowing students to access the best knowledge of each area, with different perspectives.

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Graduate Program

4-year Bachelor's degree courses with extensive training and classes in English. In-person classes at the Paulista Ave campus, in São Paulo and at the Florida campus, in the United States. In addition to classes at partner universities in the United States and Europe with live online classes in English with teachers from all over the world.

National Dual
Degree Program

4-year Bachelor's Degree Courses holding the same characteristics as the International Graduation. In this modality, the student obtains two undergraduate degrees valid in Brazil in two programs taken simultaneously. Commands exclusive dedication to full-time learning.

International Double
Degree Program

In this category, the student attends the first 3 years of their Graduation in Brazil, in the same features as the International Graduation. Employing a cooperation agreement, the student transfers their registration to the foreign university of their choice for another 3-4 semesters to obtain the Undergraduate diploma issued abroad, in addition to the diploma issued in Brazil.

Chancellor's Message

Prof. Celso Grisi

Doctor and Associate Professor at USP, he has a background in Law and Economics.

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Depoimentos de Alunos da IBS Americas

July - 2022

Steffanie Anne Menor

Applied Design Thinking and Storytelling

July - 2022

Alizon Girón Gil

Operations, Logistics & Lean Management

July - 2022

Giovanna Manfredi

Strategy & Marketing

July - 2022

Mayra Alejandra Mora

Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy

July - 2022

Domenika Geregova

Business Sustainability for Leaders

January - 2020

Martín Huaytalla Oré

Strategy and Marketing for Emerging Countries