Applied Data Science for Business

About the course

Short-term Professional Development Program Abroad

Program Theme

Developing advanced skills in Data Science allowing professionals to manipulate, analyze and work with data using Python, supporting the decision-making process in Corporate Strategy.


Students and young professionals from different academic fields interested in developing knowledge in Data Science applied in the corporate decision-making process. Interested candidates must have basic knowledge in Statistics and Python programming.


Improve abilities related to fundamentals of Data Science applied in companies. Students will be guided in the development of a comprehensive project on real database analysis using Python, from managerial decisions to be taken to presenting a final report to managers. The course’s main objective is to prepare students to conduct similar projects in companies they work for, adding a great advantage to students’ CVs. The projects will be developed by multidisciplinary groups of students who have previous academic experience in Statistics, Programming and Corporate Management, in a diverse and rich discussion environment.

Applied Data Science for Business

Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program:

  • Business English course for nonnative speakers with no additional costs
  • Assistance and documents for UK visa

  • Academic and logistics preparation for the program

Why should I attend this course?

  • Market experts with vast academic and professional experience
  • Two Executive Meetings with local managers along with the main program
  • Today’s competition among companies is more intense than ever. Working simultaneously in different markets and countries, managers of large corporations must be capable of taking decisions considering a solid analysis of current data and future projections
  • There is a high demand for professionals who know how to use Data Science tools applied in companies. This course opens a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop your career in your country or abroad

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Testimonials from IBS Americas students who attended Bayswater College London

July - 2023

Ikenna Oguledo

Applied Data Science for Business - BCL


Perfecting your communication skills, focusing on Business Management jargon and expressions commonly used by managers of international companies.

Advanced Data Science Concepts Applied to the Business Decision Making Process; Data Acquisition and Preparation; Exploratory Data Analysis; Business Visits and Executive Presentation.

Data Modeling & Evaluation; Deployment & Model Monitoring; Integration between Statistical Predictions and Business Decision Process; Capstone project presentation; Business Visits and Executive Presentation; Graduation Ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

The students will visit companies active in the local market or receive representatives at the university for lectures according to the course's area of study. It is expected that students have a very proactive attitude, asking interesting questions to the representative of the organization.

Courses are 3 weeks with classes from Monday to Wednesday full-time. The student will take the administration module in one period and, in the case of students from the United States and England, the English module in another. In Italy, the other period is dedicated to the preparation of the work to be presented at the end of the course. 
On Thursdays, students in the thematic courses have company visits or lectures with local executives. 
Please refer to the course page for specific details of course load, syllabus and extra activities. 

The Advanced programs are designed for graduate students with a minimum of 3 years of working experience in their field of interest.

Professor Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business.

  • Location
    London - England
  • Dates
    3 weeks (January or July)
  • Investment
    £ 6.990 + Enrollment: £ 60
    Check opportunities for partial scholarships
  • Program Profile
    3 weeks of full-time classes and company visits
  • Workload
    80 hours of classes and activities (class–hours of 42~50’ varying between countries)
  • Additional Activity
    Business English module included in the program with 27 hours of classes
  • Students per Classroom
    From 20 to 40
  • Certification
    Certificate in Executive Management (Applied Data Science for Business) and Business English
  • Language
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