About the IBS Americas

Americas International College - The Global University

In close cooperation with public and private foundations and universities around the world, the AIC brings to Brazil an educational project with unique characteristics. From internationality, with classes in Brazil and abroad, to intensive contact with new technologies, through partnerships that bring the main management software into the classroom. From the emphasis on digital entrepreneurship to broad support for career development in global organizations.

From active teaching methodologies, which stimulate students' critical and creative thinking, to strong ethical commitment and moral values to form citizens aware of their responsibilities. From the modern Paulista Campus and Florida Campus to classes at partner universities in Europe and the United States, and on our virtual campus with professors from all over the world.

Graduates of Americas College programs stand out for their combination of rigorous academic training and a strong link to today's internationalized, technological and fast-changing marketplace.

Ready to work in global organizations, they have a command of the business language and a professional network that extends over the more than 120 countries of origin of our students.

Americas College is an initiative promoted by universities and international foundations, under the Brazilian coordination of Masters, Doctors and Market Specialists from USP.

California State University,
Northridge Califórnia, USA
CUOA Business School
Vicenza, Itália
Florida Atlantic University
Florida, USA
University of La Verne,
Califórnia, USA
State University of New York
New York, USA
Bayswater College London
Londres, Reino Unido

Mission, Vision, and Values


To empower and inspire the global leaders of tomorrow by providing excellence in international business education. We are committed to cultivating critical thinking, innovation, and global awareness in our students, preparing them to tackle the complex challenges of the business world.



We envision a future where IBS Americas students stand out as visionary and ethical leaders in global organizations. As a globally active institution, we aspire to be recognized as a center of excellence in business education, driving innovation and positively influencing our students' careers.



1. Academic Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, maintaining the highest academic standards and fostering a culture of continuous learning.


2. Integrity: We act with honesty, transparency, and ethics in all our interactions, building trusting relationships with our students, faculty, and partners.


3. Diversity and Inclusion: We value and celebrate the diversity of perspectives, cultures, and experiences, promoting an inclusive environment that respects and welcomes everyone.


4. Innovation: We are committed to educational innovation, constantly seeking new approaches and creative solutions to prepare our students for the ever-evolving challenges of the business world.


5. Social Responsibility and Sustainability: We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment, promoting socially responsible and sustainable business practices.


6. Collaboration: We value collaboration and teamwork, cultivating constructive partnerships with students, faculty, institutions, and companies to promote mutual success and collective growth.

Connect to a Global Future

At IBS Americas, you are invited to transcend borders and expand your educational horizons. Discover how our leadership and executive education programs can be the key to your success and personal and professional transformation. We invite you to learn more about our courses and scholarship opportunities abroad.

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