Academic Board

Academic Board

Americas College and its business school, the International Business School Americas, welcomes students, faculty, and staff to develop their skills and abilities here with the best resources. The administrative and academic direction is the responsibility of a group that brings together experience in Education and connection with the market, an important combination for the academic and professional development of graduates.

Ricardo Britto

PhD in Business Administration from FEA/USP, he is one of the most experienced Brazilian professors in International Business. Representative in Brazil of several universities and foreign foundations, his main responsibility is the constant updating of programs to meet the different needs of vocational training.

Financial Director and Provost
Daniel Pitelli de Britto

PhD in Finance from POLI/USP, he dedicated his life to higher education in Brazil and abroad. He is responsible for the financial management of the college and also for conducting the educational access program offered by the AIC for young talents.

Institutional Relations Director
Aldo José Brunhara

PhD in Business Administration from ESPM with over 20 years of executive experience in multinational companies. His main attribution in the school is the cross-curricula articulation of teachers and the orientation of groups of students for the development of their projects of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Program Director
Elaine Mandotti

PhD in Administration from FEA/USP, she has over 15 years of experience in the management of Graduate and MBA programs in Brazil and abroad. Her main duties are the orientation of teachers to fullfill the curricular objectives and service to students during the programs.

Academic Director
João Carlos Guerreiro

Master in Administration from Mackenzie and MBA from USP in Project Management, his is responsible for the academic and travel preparation of participants taking the international modules. He leads other important initiatives of the AIC university community, such as the World Class Manager Award, an annual award offered by IBS Americas.

Director of Consulting and Research
Maria Cecília Galante Porto

PhD in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo (FEA/USP). 25-year career developed in the marketing and strategic areas in the retail, consumer goods, educational services and business consulting segments. She works as an associate consultant and professor in the areas of Strategic Planning, Decision Making, Human Development and Market Research.


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